venerdì 29 gennaio 2016

What a wonderful tainted, wasted world!

Well, well, well...a potential motto could be: 
Plastic busters, garbage hunters against ecological murders!
But it's not, neither it won't be.

Here's a part of my contribution to the "Let's do it, Montenegro!" Project 
managed by the NGO "ADP Zid" (Podgorica, Montenegro):  

 #GPSmapping #photoreportage #investigation 

Enjoy, or do not. It's up to you.

{ecocrime on the road from Sutomore to Bar, Mala Playa / Crna Gora, W.Balkans}
{ecocrime on Ulcinjska Solana (saltworks/salt mine) @ Ulcinj}
{abandoned House in Rozaji / Crna Gora, W.Balkans}