venerdì 6 gennaio 2017

A memorable Radio Skadar cameo on the 10th (divided) MNE's independence day

On the 10th anniversary of Montenegro's independence, we decide to participate and directly collaborate to a poetry reading of Italian (classics) performed in our mother tongue mixing English, Crno Gorski and other non-verbal and un-known ways of genuine communication through music, voices and sounds. We are at the legendary "Radio Skadar". Actually, this radio is older than its country, but it doesn't seem aged or démodé. The radio, and the homonymous Club in town, is still led by our friend and multi-instrumentalist Srja. His (and our) main aim is simply "to release good vibrations in the air" and "express ourselves, give the world a message, have fun"...before leaving this fab country at the end of our EVS project. Such a nice memory to share with all of you. Enjoy guyzzz!

[M.P.] [ 107.9 MHz  @ Beri, Podgorica, Montenegro; May 21, 2016 ]


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